Forging dies and regeneration

Regeneration and life cycle extension for worn out and cracked forging dies. Machining according to customer specifications and 3D laser scanning quality control.



Machining of hard metal alloys with cutting edge technology, thermal treatment and polishing to the required surface quality. A broad range of surface hardening treatments are available either


welding cells

Design, engineering, installation and configuration of robotic cells for welding. Post sales support for process fine tuning and training of customers’ operators and technicians.


3D metal printing

DGWELD has recently implemented 3d Metal additive technology for 3D printing. We use DED technology by Meltio, which we are also official integrators as well as WAAM technology.


20 years
with us

DG Weld was founded by the Giamberini family in 2002. Since that very beginning it has never stopped to be the trusted partner for forges all over Europe.

CEO: Luca Giamberini


3D Metal Additive Manufacturing

We are able to remanufacture and significantly extend the life span of worn and cracked moulds:

◎  Forging dies and tools regeneration
◎  CNC machining
◎  Robotic welding cells
◎  Additive metallica



DG Weld is attentive to the environment and works in full compliance with environmental principles, reducing consumption and waste.

Doing more with less

Thanks to DG Weld’s know-how and competencies, forges all over the world can regenerate and extend the life cycle of their dies hence reducing their consumption of precious resources.


We care deeply about the wonderful environment that we have inherited and profoundly feel the duty to leave an even better place for the next generations to come. Starting from our daily choices and up to the partners we do business with.

Health & Safety

DG Weld is a proactive implementer of solutions that safe guard our customers, our employees and our partners over and above the requirements of the most demanding legislations. DG Weld is actively sponsoring sport associations that value the spirit of fair competition, healthy life style and friendship.